Monday 20 December 2010

National Short Story Day

The shortest day of the year, December 21st, is also National Short Story Day, a wonderful initiative to celebrate this wonderful form of the written word. Sadly the live event we had in store in Oxford has fallen foul of the weather, but over at eight cuts gallery we are celebrating by giving away 10 fantastic stories by Year Zero Writers, as well as our two Year Zero anthologies.

Enjoy them all, and make sure you buy at least one collection of short stories next year. In addition to Robert James Russell's The Mating Habits of College Girls and Penny Goring's NeuroRococo, which I'll be publishing at eight cuts.

So, what short stories would you recommend? All titles and links gratefully received


  1. I've started sharing stories and poems via Google reader:
    (you have to scroll way down, past the cat thing)

    If you haven't seen them, I loved Zin Kenter's stories in the latest issue of Frigg.

    Actually, the whole issue is pretty great.

  2. Wow, thank you, Frankie, I'm glad you liked them. (Is it really narcissistic that I googled myself? And is it odd that my 1903 dictionary doesn't contain the word "narcissistic"?
    - Zin Kenter (aka sloopie72 aka some other things)
    Come visit! Google A Just Recompense. I love company. And I need inspiration desperately.

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