Tuesday 26 April 2011

The Large Middle

I've been writing a lot for other blogs the last few weeks, so I thought it might be an idea in these cases to act as a sort of aggregation site so people can have a read, but can do so on the actual site, and with any luck discover some amazing new sites as a result.

First off, I wrote a piece called "The Large Middle" for Words With Jam, a fantastic writers' magazine for which I write a column on social media and live reading. The piece argues that the real winners in the epublishing revolution are midlst authors.

Here's a sample:

"There are two reasons why literary midlisters were Kindle pioneers – they have a natural inclination to the new, and they of all groups they had the strongest disaffection with the old industry. So they were the first to head for the new frontier...

Read Words With Jam Magazine here

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Stories for Japan update

There are still a few days to submit to the fabulous anthology so get writing!!

I wanted to update progress after 1 month of The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes being on sale, with all royalties going to the Tsunami Relief Fund. Click the links to buy

Paperbacks: £5.99 1 with £1.90 royalty

Smashwords: $2.99 4 copies giving $5.68

Amazon UK: 13 copies giving £6.07 (10 before and 3 after the price went from 71p to £2.14)

Amazon US: 4 copies giving $1.40
Which gives £7.97 + $7.08 Not a fortune, but the first month of what I hope will be many, and there are no reviews yet - I *hope* people will love the book enough to start reviewing it. And I am utterly delighted to announce asigned copy and the cover art sold for £50 for the authors For Japan auction