Friday, 11 June 2010

reading (poem)

cinched in the waist of a wholesome window
five streets from soho
ohso proper doorways
and strangers in sunhats with san miguels
and they've all got drinks and kisses
and they've all got slickety laughs
and they've all got smiles and cigarillos
and just enough friends
and just enough coke
and just the right words
and just the right names
and in streamers we tattoo the streetlamp black
and in velvet our tongues streak the glass
and we're all strung out for the smell of piss
and all the beers are someone else's


  1. that was wonderful. you described two different worlds of socializing in such a neat, simple poem

  2. Thanks! And guess which one I prefer !

  3. I have a feeling from things you've said that it's probably something you relate to as well :)

  4. Amazing article sir. Thanks for sharing this knowledge...