Wednesday 16 December 2009

The Coolest Project on the Planet

This is a perfect subject for my 100th post. I was put onto it on twitter by the wonderful Cameron Chapman.
So what is it? Well, The Fiction Project has been put together by the Brooklyn Art Library and the Art House Co-op. The idea is simple. For $18, $21 if you're outside the US, you will receive a Moleskine notebook and a general theme suggestion. It's up to you to fill your notebook in any way you wish related in any way to that theme (they would like it to be at least 51% written).
Register by Feb 15th 2010, then return the filled notebook by April 14th 2010, and it will appear in the exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library that opens on May 14th. And after that your book will be on the shelves of the Brooklyn Art Library in perpetuity.
Not only is this an amazing multi-arts project, getting people from all over the world involved in art and literature - this is collaboration in the best of ways, and not crowd-sourcing. I cannot think of a better Christmas present you could give someone.


  1. This is an amazing idea. I think I will give this Fiction Project as a myself!

    This entry was a wonderful way to share and celebrate your 100th post. Thank you, Dan.

  2. I've done likewise Marisa :) The more people I know who are participating the more I feel it's going to cost me not $21 but $21 plus the price of an air ticket to NYC!