Monday, 2 November 2009

The View From the Shoe

I didn't mee Nikki Loy on twitter. I met her busking in the streets of Oxford. No, not even that's really true. I HEARD her busking the streets of Oxford, thought "wow" and took her card. I went to her myspace and got in touch, and now we're set to play a gig together for Free-e-day. She IS a twitterer of note, though:

In her own words

Thank you so much for your time. So, Louboutin or Converse?

Sorry?Loubouwho? so I guess converse... hang on.. let me Google that....
OMG!!!! Louboutin! Louboutin!! Louboutin!!! Hmmm... Shooooeess... Oh dear, I think I now have a new vice!

The thing is though I only have a pair of converse in my shoe collection :0(

What do you do?

Well now, I’m a singer and a songwriter... among other things.. I sing, I busk, I gig, I get involved in just about any project that will have me. Most recently I became the lead singer for JoshWard84’s superband! It was brilliant.. We had about 25 musicians all playing together!

I am a solo artist of course . I like to write songs.. (You can download my tunes from iTunes - Shameless self prmotion!!) and I really love to perform them :0) And I am on the Journey towards living my dream..

Why is there no one in the world who does it quite like you?

Cos there is no one else in the world who is quite like me?

What do you really, really love about it?

I love singing. It’s the singing that I do it for. I like to loose myself in the moment and sing until those little endorphins start flowing and the natural high kicks in.. I get sooo much pleasure from singing.. and thankfully it seems othercpeople also enjoy it!!

A bit more time in the day, or a bit more money in the bank?

Funny you should ask that now... I handed in my notice this week. I am giving up my well paid job just so I have time to do what I want to do. I may end up skint but life really is too short to spend your days doing something you hate just to make good money. Wouldn’t it be great to make money just doing the things you love. *Sigh*

Imagine you “make it”. You wake up, and imagine the day ahead. Tell us about breakfast.

Hmmmm.... I’m sure there will be two types of breakfast when I ‘make it’. There will be the on the run breakfast where I wake up at the crack of dawn knowing I have to be somewhere for a photo shoot or to treck to a gig. So I will grab something, bleery eyed, and head out the door before I realise what it is I hsve picked up. Or, truer to my current form, eat nothing until the hunger actually kicks in... At which point I will scoff the box of cornfalkes that I have been carrying under my arm.

And then there’s that other breakfast.. On the terrace of my beach house, the breeze just lightly catching the voile curtains in the french doors so that they billow and beckon me to have a sumtpuous continental breakfast on the balcony in the sunshine over looking the beautiful bay... while I read .... *sigh*

What’s your Jimmy Choo? And what’s just cobblers?

Hey???? I’m really not that materialistic... Just give me cuddles :0) I can’t live without cuddles!!!!

Instead of that question.. can answer this one: What was your best gig to date?

I used to live in Sydney and there’s a bat there that can be hired for functions.. It was called the Sydney Glass Island. It was completely glass all the way round (except for the hull of course). The boat and my band had been booked to play a wedding.. we spent the evening cruising round Darling Harbour up and down under the Harbour bridge and McQuarie’s point playing music dancing singing and generally loving the venue!!! It was brilliant!! But tomorrow I am playing on the top of an open top bus whilst driving all round London for the day... That might top the Sydney Glass Island :0)

Tell us about the last time a fan made you feel 100 feet tall.

It’s just a small thing really. I watched a local band play. They played a lot of gigs locally but it was the first time I had seen them. They were good I enjoyed their set. When they came off stage, I was about to say to tell them how much I had enjoyed them, but they beat me to it... They started parising me before I could get a word in! It’s a small thing but I was blown away. I was just part of the audience that night!

Independent and poor, or under contract and rich?

Ahh... I shouldn’t be so flippant as too answer before qualifying my answer.. The thing that drives me, truely drives me, is the love of singing and performing not the love of songwriting. I would therefore be glad of any oportunity to sing. How much more wonderful if it brought wealth as well... I guess independence really only matters where you feel that you have a message to present to the world.. and will not compromise.I just love to sign so I guess it doesn’t really matter. That said I do not compromise on morality.. as long as that is not in question I’m happy to be under and contract and rich...

Are you disappointed?

Do you remember that bit on Play Away where Brian Cant stood behind people and did the actions whilst they spoke? If you could choose anyone to stand behind you and do the actions to your sales pitch, who would it be and why?

Sandra Bullock... I like the characters she plays.. they are often clumsy, lacking in grace and humerous in some way.. Which is kinda like me.. I’m more likely to fall off my stool than wow you wih my grace.. But her characters usually have the redeeming qualities of being intelligent and good at what they do.. and she beautiful. :0)

Frocks or socks?

Need you ask???? ..... Mmmmm but an idea has just occurred to me. You have not stated the context in which you present the question....

On me? Frocks for sure... A girl is always going to chose a glorious frock to wear...

However... If the question related to clothing a gorgeous naked man.... Sock... Red Hot Chilli Peppers style all the way!!! ;0) besides I never like seeing a man in women’s clothes!

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  1. Stunning MySpace picture. Interesting mention of Sandra Bullock here. Your picture reminds me of her in her younger days.

    Great interview.