Wednesday 8 July 2009


The photos have been removed. Sorry, not trying to break anyone's copyright, guys, but best to be safe. Er, if Banksy really does mind people putting casual snaps from his official exhibition when there are no postcards it's a bit rich. Especially as I bought the book and would urge others to do so. still, I hate plagiarism and copyright theft as much as the next person, so down they come

Thsi is little more than a few photos from Bristol Museum vs Banksy. I am sure he's one person who won't mind photos of his work appearing online. I am happy to attribute everything though. This is all the work of me me me, er, I mean Banksy.

If you haven't been to see this exhibition, go. I don't pretend to know enough about street art to say where Banksy fits into the scene, but I know I loved it. all of it. And he was, of course, the inspiration for Ludwig in The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes. Hope you enjoy. I'm sure he would also approve of Free-e-day and Year Zero Writers.


  1. Looking for my "Obey Me" stencils and a can of paint. If street art did not revolve around semi-secrecy, its open nature would no longer be democratic. 100% of the people break the rules, especially our own.

  2. :-) As a writer, I love the idea of combining street art and writing - spraying or fly-posting chapters and stories for all to read. The problem with doing that as a writer is you get found out much easier. Still, one of my fellow Year Zero Writers does it in Hong Kong.

    To clarify, the text in the mountain picture is an asterisk by the icy summit with the text "for a limited time only". The two people in the frame are saying "Do you think anyone takes this kind of art seriously?" "Never underestimate the power of a big gold frame" The perfect mix of humour, politics, and aesthetics!

  3. Banksy does mind people using is photos. He currently has a team of lawyers going around asking people to stop using his name and his images. They are called pestcontroloffice.

    Banksy has been trying to control his name and trademark for some years now with some pretty nasty threats from a so called "anti copyright" artist.