Monday, 17 May 2010

Mario's Cafe

Many of you will know Roland Denning as the hugely talented author of The Beach Beneath The Pavement, and many will also know him as the director of the wonderful animation series On meeting An Agent.

Now Roland has made a wonderful live action film, Mario's Cafe, which is premiering this Thursday. Yes, I know that's the same night as a certain other event, but it would be rather peevish of me not to offer people the choice. I only wish I could go along, but I know taht it will be a wonderful night, at The Oxford Arms, 256 Kentish Town Road, with doors opening at 6.30 for screenings at 7 and 9.


  1. I've read some of Roland's book. It's a remarkable piece of work. Sounds like a great film. Sorry I haven't been around. I'm barely hanging on with my blog postings. Will see you when I emerge from the other side of all this.

    What of the project you told me about? Is that still on?

  2. Thank you!

    I should add this is just a little old-fashioned documentary about my local caff, nothing grand, but I think it will be a fun night.


  3. Sounds like an important piece of social history to me! Wish I could see it!

  4. Thank you to all those who came and sorry to all those who couldn't make it. It was a fantastic evening - three packed screenings, great response and dancing in the streets. I'll let you know when it is online.