Thursday, 13 May 2010

Lilith Burning

Lilith Burning: Perceptions, Reflections and Deceptions of the Eternal Infernal Feminine
Katelan V Foisy from New York’s Knickerbocker Circus is coming to the UK, and will be joining forces with Year Zero Writers for a set at the Literature Lounge, one of London’s top literary nights at The Covent Garden Poetry Cafe, on May 20. The day before she’s coming to Oxford for a pop-up show on society’s malleable and porous perceptions of the feminine, taking to the streets with me, a voice recorder and a camera to capture the thoughts of the people of Oxford, out of which some kind of installation will take shape, to be shown that night at The Albion Beatnik Bookstore, where we will be reading our own wokr on the subject, along with that of Daisy Anne Gree.


  1. Sounds interesting! The picture is creepy though. :P

  2. The picture is from the cover of "Lilith: Queen of the Desert", a series of pieces about Lilith, published this summer by Knickerbocker Circus.

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