Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Free Flash

Tomorrow is National Flash Fiction Day. Which brings much cause for celebration. First off, this is the first time ever we’ve celebrated this marvellous form as a nation – the Arts Council have even got behind it. Second, tonight, as part of the shindig, we’re holdinga flash slam in Oxford, combining the worlds of poetry slam and flash fiction as twelve of the UK’s finest practitioners battle it out, reading their stuff in front of an audience and celeb judge, the short fiction legend Tania Hershman. If you’re anywhere near Oxford, do come along to what will be a truly wonderful evening. And if you’re not, please do check out what’s going on in your area. Third, to celebrate National Flash Fiction Day, my two short fiction collections are free for today and tomorrow:

(life:) razorblades included contains some award-winning short stories and poems with some adult content. Free in the UK and elsewhere

Ode to Jouissance also has some award-winning shorts of a lyrical nature, exploring questions of ageing and identity in 20th century Europe. Free in the UK and elsewhere
There's a full list of all the free flash fiction downloads for National Flash Fiction Day here


  1. Wish I could be with you - hope you all have a great day.

  2. Happy Flash Fiction Day to ya...

    I've already downloaded both of these in the past (only read Life... so far which had some great stories in) but fantastic offer for everyone else.

  3. Some great offers here! Good luck for tomorrow - wish I 'd been in Oxford tonight

  4. On that day they wanted to make that evening more amazing then it was before.as they achieved success in their life after a longtime so it is truly deserve to happen like this.