Monday, 27 June 2011


Pieces of broken bodies fall around me

Like funeral petals

Fallout from friendships

Faced with the nuclear option of my madness

I gouge through gobs of flesh

That were once lips dribbling easy promises

Scouring for something so solid

As a splinter of bone to support my soul

I laughed and you loved it

And then I laughed too much and in the wrong places

And I could not stop

I cried and you loved it

And then I cried too much and in the wrong places

And I could not stop

Down I dig through gristle hair and teeth

Scratching at sinew for a single fingerhold of empathy

There is a solid something


There is a neon dawn a strobing sunrise


There is a noise that is not the scraping of my skull


But not here


  1. such a sad poem, but beautifully written.

  2. That last line's a heart-stopper. Brilliant.

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