Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sharing Success!!

Those of you who've been to a Year Zero gig, or have read about a Year Zero gig, will probably know the name Jessie Grace. Jessie has played a barnstorming 3 gigs with us now (as well as the launch of my first book), including our humungous, fantabulous show at Rough Trade East. You can learn all about her, and her involvement with Year Zero, and see her playnig at some of our gigs on the footage HERE.

Because it's exciting when someone has great news, and because we think Jessie is just about (I only say just about because I was at The Dead Weather last night, and it'll take a lot of time to get Jack and Alison out of my head!) my favourite musician on the planet, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share two pieces of wonderful news. First, Jessie now has her very own band - check out there stuff on her myspace. Second, one of her amazing songs is featured on this hilarious ad - how cool is that!

Oh, and third - Jessie is headlining Friday night at Rugfest this week, which promises to be unmissable.

I hope Jessie will be playing with Year Zero again very soon - because if we don't nab her very soon, she will be off in the stellar stratosphere (to mix metaphors) whilst we're left far behind.

Oh, and BUY HER CD - Asleep on the Good Foot - it's on her myspace.


  1. You're always one to share others' good news, Dan. I'm glad the gig went well. In a few weeks I should be ready to function more than 50% Internet capacity.
    Stay well and best wishes. Oh, and I've heard Jessie. She's fantastic. What a voice!

  2. She certainly is! I'm going to see her live with her new bancd for the first time tonight and very excited.

    Good luck wiuth the internet!

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