Saturday, 5 June 2010

(life:) razorblades included

My new book is almost here!!

(life:) razorblades included is now on sale!!
The chapbook, with a beautiful wraparound cover made from Daisy's stunning image (a photograph she took of herself as soon as she had finished reading the book), is just £5 + P&P.

Most of the content can be found online in various places, but the fully curated (i.e. I actually thought up an order that kind of reads like a journey. Or something), collection, with introduction, is just 99 cents, for all ebook formats

A HUGE thanks to Daisy Anne Gree for the cover image (and a note to all that this doesn't mean that I've turned my back on Sarah as my lifelong cover designer!)

It will be published by eight cuts gallery press, which is part of my new eight cuts gallery project.

Please spread the word, and if you'd like to interview me about it or review it that would be fantastic. Here's what the blurb ni my press release thingy says:

“Die living” urges the dedication to (life:) razoblades included. But just what does it mean to “live”?

Camus was wrong. Whether or not to kill yourself is not the only question. It’s just the start. Dan Holloway’s first collection of poems and short stories ranges from the lyrical awake to the transgressive SKIN BOOK; the Beat-inspired adam to the blankness of The Last Fluffer in La La Land; but they are held together by a single theme. The decision to live. Not the happy ever after that comes when deliberation ends, but the beginning of the joyous, energising, enervating, exhilarating, immoral, implacable, impossible decision to wake up, open your eyes, and truly live, with all the exhilarating, nightmarish consequences that decision brings.


  1. I'd love to interview you for my blog, Dan, so I'm putting my hand up first. July would be a great time for me esp. first two weeks of said month. You know where I am if you are interested...

  2. thank you!! I'll e-mail you the book tomorrow (along with the complete cover :)))

  3. I love the idea behind this -- so beautiful, and so necessary to explore, I think. It's not something you see a lot of, and, judging from the pieces I've read that are appearing in the collection, certainly an unexpected take on it. (at least for me)

    That cover -- or sneak peek of it -- is just awesome. I have no problem whatsoever with getting a break from designing! Especially when Daisy gets to do her awesomeness.


  4. Thanks, Sarah - yeah, I think a couple of pieces will upset people - especially "The First Night I Didn't Think About Killing Myself" because the main character puts down the razorblade just before he's about to use it and takes his first hit of heroin instead, but that's kind of the point - it's just too facile to say "choose life". What does that mean? Sometimes it means some really unpalatable things. And sometimes it's the people who embrace life in all its fullness who end up killing themselves because the world just isn't up to holding them - and so much of the time the people who seem to "choose life" are no more than the grey, suited walking dead.