Friday, 27 March 2009

Welcome to Agnieszka's blog

This is the official blog of the interactive free novel I'm writing on the Facebook group of the same name. Over the next week I'll be loading the blog posts over from there and blogging about it here.

please comment on anything you want. there are really no rules to this project

There is a synopsis, though, which I'll give you for now - and a bunch of links to look up over the weekend.

In 2009 one image became as iconic as the face of Che Guevara.

A story of art, politics, online communities, environmentalism, and the nature of celebrity;

Of the search for the truth behind a seemingly tragic death, that became the most watched YouTube video in history;

Of two personal journeys – a man whose daughter, missing for ten years, is fading from existence in a world he cannot reach; a schoolboy whose quest for beauty in mathematics has kept him locked in his room for three years; and the website that unites them;

Of the world’s most reclusive artist; of a dominatrix who uses other people’s pain to break down the doors to parallel worlds in search of the origin of her own agony; of an astrophysicist determined to preserve the moment of his wife’s death forever; of a vicious vigilante who spends his evenings composing haiku;

Of a novel that draws its life from the conversation between its writer and its readers.

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