Friday, 23 March 2012

Poets vs Proseurs

Not the Oxford Literary Festival presents:

Wednesday 28 March – Poets vs Proseurs (7pm)
entry £2 all proceeds support The Albion Beatnik bookstore

(Anna Hobson at last year's Not the Oxford Literary Festival)

(The event's on Facebook here)

The idea is quite simple. The spoken word is one of the most exciting ways to experience literature you can find. But all too often it is limited to poetry. We bring you poets, oh yes, many of the finest performing in the UK right now. But we also bring you so much more - a smattering of the finest prose writers ears can hear, battling to show that the seemingly rhymeless rhythmless form has an excitement all its own and every bit the match of its poetic cousins. Here is the startlingly fabulous line-up of Oxford's, and the UK's, finest we have for you and all for the dizzyingly ridiculous price of £2.

Your MC for the night will be me, Dan Holloway. I will be performing something but it may be poetry, prose, or a mixture...taking of which we have two very special acts whose work straddles the boundaries and renders the distinction immaterial

Penny Goring, author of The Zoom Zoom
Tania Hershman, award-winning author of The White Road and Other Stories


Joe A Briggs, Oxford’s voice of punk

Sarah-Clare Conlon, editor of Quickies
David Gaffney, author of The Half-Life of Songs
Calum Kerr, organiser of National Flash Fiction Day
Amy Riley, host of Brighton Fringe’s award-winning show Grit Lit


Fay Roberts, host of Poetry Kapow, Allographic & Hammer and Tongue Cambridge
Emily Harrison, winner of the 2010 Tower Poetry Prize
Lucy Ayrton, co-host of Hammer and Tongue Oxford
Tina Sederholm, co-host of Hammer and Tongue Oxford
Anna Percy from the Stirred poetry collective

Sian Rathore, editor at Metazen
Anna Hobson, author of Tales of Unrequited Love


Paul Askew, editor of Ferment Zine
James Purcell Webster, performance editor at Sabotage Reviews

Hannah Elwick, slammer and co-prankster behind Gin-Soaked Sheets


  1. Am with you all in spirit, Dan - the body is rather a long way away.

  2. Hope you're having an amazing time!

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