Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stories for Japan update

There are still a few days to submit to the fabulous anthology so get writing!!

I wanted to update progress after 1 month of The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes being on sale, with all royalties going to the Tsunami Relief Fund. Click the links to buy

Paperbacks: £5.99 1 with £1.90 royalty

Smashwords: $2.99 4 copies giving $5.68

Amazon UK: 13 copies giving £6.07 (10 before and 3 after the price went from 71p to £2.14)

Amazon US: 4 copies giving $1.40
Which gives £7.97 + $7.08 Not a fortune, but the first month of what I hope will be many, and there are no reviews yet - I *hope* people will love the book enough to start reviewing it. And I am utterly delighted to announce asigned copy and the cover art sold for £50 for the authors For Japan auction


  1. Hey Dan

    This is a good start. I still have it etched on my mind to interview you about your writing, including Agnieszkas Shoes and eight cuts, as well as buy a copy of Agnieszkas Shoe - which I will do as soon as I have reviewed a couple of books. I'll then review it for you too. I think what you are doing is amazing.