Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Those of you who know me or any of the Year Zero crowd on twitter will probably also know Jerry Shawback. A tireless retweeter of cool cultural stuff, Jerry is one of the best people you could ever follow if you want to keep up with new things in the arts. And every day we have cause to thank him for his selflessness.

Jerry is also an incredible artist, as you can see by the selection of work on his site (note, the picture shown on this post is Jerry's, 100% his copyright, appears here with his permission, and may not be reproduced). His use of colour is quite dazzling, and his use of light both subtle and captivating, but I also marvel at the fluidity and ease of his sketches, which somehow remind me (a good thing, Jerry, please don't be offended) of Tracey Emin's pencil self-portraits.

Anyway, now's a chance to do something very small in return for Jerry, because his work is going to be featured in a fantastic exhibition organised by The Whole 9 and Gallery 9, called Faces, which opens on March 13 and runs through April 10. Also featured are Nathan Rohlander, Azikiwe Andrews, Peter Gravener, and Helena Hotzl.

The Whole 9 is at:

6101 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

This is one of those events that makes me wish I lived Stateside. Very very best to Jerry and the other artists.


  1. That's a really compelling self portrait. It's my favorite, the self portrait. Wish I could go to that exhibit. One can be really honest when doing a self portrait as you can't quite be when painting someone else. Or so I believe.

  2. what? California? What? What's with all this stuff suddenly happening in my state? I don't know where Culver City is but I'll have to look it up now.

  3. Just passing through! I see on your profile though that you like indie music, you might enjoy my blog...

  4. See, Sarah - at last I'm talking about something that's nearer you than me :) - you MUST look at the sketches - they're just amazing- and some of the figures from the back are very like the ones on your vid - I believe it's Santa Monica area.

    U/S - yes, it's a very similar style to yours, isn't it, the use of colour and light, the teture of brushstroke? I agree about self-portraits - I'm writing a piece on confessional art for Saturday - until you mentioned it I hadn't really thought about the obvious, that self-portraits afford that extra level of honesty and depth.