Friday, 22 January 2010

Banned Books

Many apologies. This is a pluggy thread. Apologies also for the fact it contains largely the same material as I posted on the Year Zero site yesterday. But I wanted to tell everyone because I'm excited. Actually I'm more than excited. On February 4th, at rough Trade Records, Brick Lane, London, 6-8.30pm, the Year Zero Live tour begins. Full details here on our website. There are so many reasons I'm excited I don't know where to start. So I'll start with the big news: Daisy Anne Gree's "Hearing Voices" event teaser is out, and here it is!
But before you watch it, I should explain the other big news, which is that only a few hours after we'd posted the video, Facebook had had it reported and were banning it from being posted any more. Why we can't quite tell. We think it may be because Daisy's voiceover touches on a suicide attempt. Sure, the first reaction is COOL! WE GOT BANNED! But the second reaction is what the hell kind of sick world do we live in where we get banned for being open about a mental health issue when Facebook allows all kinds of bilious groups to proliferate. Let's just say, it's given us blog material.
Anyway, make your own mind up - but be warned, I guess. If you like it, do tell other people to watch it. I think it's one of the coolest book trailers out there.

Hearing Voices (link to YouTube video)

That's the two of us reading, by the way. So we have a trailer. And we have one of the coolest tour posters on the planet, courtesy Sarah E Melville, based on the cover for Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise, the anthology we're touring.

We also have a confirmed second date: 23rd February at To Hell With Books in Woburn Place. And the Oxford event will be held during the Oxford Literary Festival - 20-28 March. And we have notice that Jenn is going to be reading in New York in February too!

So what can you expect if you come along to Rough Trade?

Well, the whole gig is FREE, for which you get:

5 writers

me reading SKIN BOOK

3 amazing musical acts

You'll also be able to buy a whole load of books and CDs and Year Zero merch, any and all of which we will sign.

Most of all, I'm excited because we get to perform together, and in a few cases meet each other for the first time!! And I'm hoping we'll get to meet some of you!


  1. It is cool indeed that you were banned, heh. Although this means that your audience can be reduced.

    Either way, the trailer looks great, and the poster is wonderful! I wish I were nearby to pay you a visit...

    p.s.: the trailer looks really great, but it's a bit hard to hear what's being said in the beginning. I thought this feedback could be useful, instead of the usual "I love it, I love it". ;-)

  2. Good luck, as always, with your gig and thanks for the kind words on Smashwords! I'm now realising that my attempts to push you to finish Agnieszka are a bit hypocritical when I can't even get the third part of my story out a month after Part 2 was uploaded;)

    By the way, my wife randomly bumped into a Polish woman in the park the other day; her name's Agnieszka. What a wonderful world of coincidences we live in...

  3. Wonderful coincidences indeed, Tony :) Thank you

    Mari - thank you. I'll have another listen :)

  4. This is long overdue, but head on over to my blog, because I've given you an award!