Friday, 18 December 2009

Our Second Anthology is out and it's FREE

We've done it!! After an amazing, rollercoaster ride of a buzzing exciting year, we've got a second anthology out. It's only ever going to be available as an ebook BUT in the new year you can buy posters, T-shirts, and come and see us perform live!
Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise is the second anthology from Year Zero Writers.

It is available in all eformats from smashwords for download HERE. It is also available as a Bookbuzzr, an amazing widget you can embed in your social media and read on screen like a real book. You can also download it as a glorious full colour pdf HERE or by clicking on the cover image.

Follow the #13shadows hashtag on twitter

Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise represents our individual responses to the simple question: can a writer evoke a reader’s deepest, most personal pain with words? The answers are sometimes brutal, sometimes gentle, sometimes intimate, sometimes universal; they come with smiling faces and with grimaces, promising agony and delight. But they come with a single purpose: to reach inside you.
The whole of my new flashnovel SKIN BOOK is included, alongside many works by better writers.
Do come and see five of us (Penny Goring, Daisy Anne Gree, Larry Harrison, Marc Nash, me) LIVE at Rough Trade Records, 4th Feb at 6pm - complete with 3 amazing musical acts - InLight, Jessie Grace, and To the Moon


  1. Yay!
    One question. How does one follow a hashtag?

  2. I believe there are fancy ways of doing it with tweetdeck or other software things. I just type # followed by the term in the search box - and when writing about the thing in question add # + the term to your tweet to make it easier for others