Saturday, 3 October 2009

Be Part of Something Amazing

You may remember that several months ago I mentioned a hair-brained scheme for an online festival called Free-e-day, the idea for which was that a whole bunch of independednt creative people would offer something of their work for people to keep, for free, on December 1st.

Like me you probably thought that was the last you'd hear of it. But what has actually happened since then is that 58 writers, artists, bands, musicians, magazines and indie organisations gave so far got together to offer something and support the event. 24 of them have sent me pages with fantastic creative stuff on. These, along with a bit about the event, and a directory full of weblinks to where the free downloads will be available (many are available now), comprise the first brochure for the event, the cover for which you can see here.

You can download the brochure in full from the Free-e-day website, or you can read it on your screen by clicking "read now" on the bookbuzzr on teh sidebar of this blog (or at the bookbuzzr site).

There are also loads of workshops and webchats going on on the day to encourage debate as well as to offer practical help to independednt creative people. It's also looking more and more likely there will be a real-life concert on the day.

Now there's something tangible for you to see, I hope more and more of you will want to join up and get involved. Remember, you're giving something away for free for one day. But the next time fans out there have money to spend on a CD or a book or a picture, maybe, because of Free-e-day, they'll look beyond the usual places to get it.

So drop me a note here if you want to take part, share the bookbuzzr, tell people about the event and the site, and get as many people as you can to sign up to the Facebook group (there are 200 members so far - the more we get the more creative types we can get on board). And you could be part of the next brochure.


Free-e-day is 1 December 2009

Free-e-day 2009 is a celebration of the independent creative spirit.

Free-e-day is for every singer, writer, artist, artisan, photographer, film-maker, whatever who believes that the most important part of culture is the fans. And it’s for everyone who loves culture and wants to experience the very best of it, or just try out something new, for free.

Free-e-day is the chance for everyone and anyone to give some of their work away for free, as a thank you to their current fans, and a present for their new ones.

Free-e-day is the world’s biggest showcase for the massive, indomitable, indestructible, joyful, independent creative spirit of the human race.

Free-e-day is the chance for everyone to discover the most exciting culture the whole world has to offer.

Free-e-day is a 48 hour (because we recognise that a day starts one side of the date line and doesn’t finish till it reaches the other side) carnival with online events like webchats and debates; and workshops to offer advice to anyone who wants to do it for themselves.

Free-e-day is not a directory. It’s not exhaustive. It’s not a list of stuff that’s available for free. It’s a celebration of a group of amazing people who’ve all endorsed the principle of being fabulous in their own way. It is, in other words, a community.


  1. Glad to be part of the community (and I'll be working on my part as soon as I'm able to sit down again - bad backs are not conducive to good writing...).

  2. Very proud to be part of this initiative. :)
    Proud and even more excited!!!

    I can't wait for the day itself.

    It's like Xmas - sort of!

  3. I'm delighted to be a part of this! Less than two months now...

  4. It's wonderful to have you, Shayne, and your lovely husband