Friday, 19 June 2009

Free-e-day. The World's biggest indie culture online expo & giveaway

Free-e-day, the world’s biggest cultural giveaway
search free-e-day on Facebook and join the group

What is Free-e-day?

Free-e-day is 1 December 2009

Free-e-day 2009 is the biggest ever cultural electronic giveaway & celebration of the independent creative spirit.

Free-e-day is for every singer, writer, artist, artisan, photographer, film-maker, whatever who believes that the most important part of culture is the fans. And it’s for everyone who loves culture and wants to experience the very best of it, or just try out something new, for free.

Free-e-day is the chance for everyone and anyone to give some of their work away for free, as a thank you to their current fans, and a present for their new ones.

Free-e-day is the world’s biggest showcase for the massive, indomitable, indestructible, joyful, independent creative spirit of the human race.

Free-e-day is the chance for everyone to discover the most exciting culture the whole world has to offer.

Who can take part in free-e-day?

Anyone can join the group. You don’t have to be giving something away; you just have to think it’s a good idea.

And anyone can give their stuff away. If you’ve ever written anything you’re a writer. If you’ve ever sung anything you’re a singer. The established industries might tell you what you’re not. We believe in celebrating what you are.

How do I take part in free-e-day?

All you need to do to participate in the spirit of Free-e-day is give something away for free on 1 December 2009, or take something that’s being given away.

On the other hand, we want to make this the biggest, shiniest, most fantabulistic cultural giveaway ever, so, if you want to give something away:

Sign up to our Facebook group. That way we can put a number on it and show the world just how many of us there are.

  • Post your name, what you do, and 32 words about yourself.
    Include up to 8 tag words to make it easy for people to find your stuff
  • Post a link to somewhere you’ll be giving something away. It has to be something people can take away and keep. A pdf, a jpeg, an MP3 or MP4 file.
  • Tell us what you’ll be giving away
  • Make sure, come free-e-day on 1 December, you put up your freebie. If you don’t have the tech to do that, you can give people an e-mail address instead of a URL, but make sure you send your thing by the end of 1 December.
  • If you have some way of doing something live, let us know what, when, where, in the same format as above
  • Don’t post more than one plug. It’s rude. And it’s unoriginal

    If you get something fantastic on Free-e-day, remember to tell us. Remember to tell the lovely people who gave it to you. And most of all, remember to tell everyone you know.

    If you want to speak to me about Free-e-day, whether you want to publicise it, get a quote, offer moral support, volunteer to do something, or even tell me to p*** off and make people pay for things, send me an e-mail:

    So What’s Gonna happen?
  • I’m going to turn the free-e-day website into a directory with sections for:
    · Music
    · Writing
    · Film
    · Photography
    · Art
    · Pot luck (you can put anything here if you prefer people to come across your stuff serendipitously)
    · Craft
    · Live Shows
    If I’ve left anything out let me know.
  • I’ll paste everyone’s details over, including the links.
  • I’ll paste your links as you post them, but it’s your job to make sure they work. There’s only one of me!
  • This needs to be a live – and living – event. So from midnight on one side of the world to the following midnight on the other, there should be events
    A 48-hour long open to all webchat
  • Workshops. Some of the most important things anyone can give are experience, time, and advice. This is a day for fans, but with so many people around, it’s a great chance to host a workshop to help your colleagues
  • Live events – online and in real life. If you’d like to offer a live show as part of Free-e-day, the only criteria are that it’s held on the right day, and that it’s free. Anyone hosting an event will be sent some free e-files with media releases and logos nearer the time. Just let us know.
  • Whatever your social media of choice, make sure Free-e-day is what people are talking about. And make sure, come December 1st, everyone’s giving and getting a whole load of stuff for free

    How can you make this a sparkle in the cultural firmament?

Volunteer to do something. I’ll need help with the following:

  • Admin. If this is going to be a big event I won’t be able to do all the cutting and pasting and sorting. I’ll need help.
  • Publicity. Point anyone and everyone to our website and our group. I’m up for interviews and all kinds of publicity.
  • Hosting – care to host the webchat for an hour? Or to host a workshop advising and answering questions from the people who work in your area – or another?
  • Tech. There are probably things out there I need I have no idea I need. If you’re willing to offer it/your time for free, let me know. I’m sure at some stage, to paraphrase a certain Spielberg movie, we’re going to need a bigger website. If you can offer that, supertastic!

    I’d love to think we’ll get lots of coverage. If you come across any publicity anywhere, send me the link – to the Facebook site, by e-mail, or to the website, and we’ll build a great big bumper archive
    Send me an e-mail if you’d like to volunteer:

    Free-e-day Against Spoilsport Twits
  • Spam sucks. Everyone needs to put food in their mouths. Some of us do that by selling stuff. Fans love to buy stuff. But not on Free-e-day.
  • Plagiarism really sucks. If you’re giving stuff away, make sure it’s yours. Its’ not up to us to make sure it’s yours to give away. It’s up to you
  • If you’re with us you’re with us. If any nice people in the press and stuff give us some inches, we can say you’re on board.
  • Viruses and worms and other terms borrowed from questionable if ecologically essential branches of the tree of life and metonymously applied to inanimate scuz beyond suck. I’m not responsible for what you put out, but if you do that kind of stuff there’s a whole bunch of people gonna like you not very much.

    Oh, and any ideas – e-mail me, post them on the facebook group, or add a comment on the website

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