Monday, 27 April 2009

Hi, Agnieszka Kitty

Big news is The Man Who Painted Agnieszka’s Shoes has a logo, and this is the first place you’ll see it (when my scanner starts working!!). By a couple of minutes, anyway. That way Facebook can’t get their mitts on the copyright, because this is one thing I’m not giving away.

The logo even has a name – Agnieszka Kitty. It’s a manga take on Paul Klee’s “Eros” – with shoes, and it says about all that needs saying for this group – it’s simple, and it will look great on a T-shirt.

OK, here it is, Agnieszka Kitty, copyright Dan Holloway 2009

The full galley of entries will be up on on May 1st, and then on the group site. There weren’t many of them – that’s the lesson I learned – don’t go in with a competition too early, before you actually have followers and media coverage.

And the artist? Er, well it was something that came to me in the bath a couple of days ago. That probably sounds hooky, but it really does hat I want the logo to do. Still, if the other fantastic entrants object I’m happy to stand down.

Give the nice people a dictionary.

Today sees the London launch of Punk Fiction, a collection of shorts for charity by rock stars (great idea). Kele from Bloc Party’s going to be there. Even better. Sadly Alison Mosshart’s too busy working up a sleazy storm with The Dead Weather in the States to promote her story with an appearance. I’m tempted to pop along to see if my childhood hero, guitar god Johnny Marr, turns up.

I just wish people would stop hyping slick, highly branded, “product” from the cultural elite as punk. Time was the word meant something. It was about doing it yourself. I know it’s for charity and celebs bring cash to the party, but the chances of I or my hugely talented and innovative writing chums being let anywhere near a project like this by the PR storm troopers is about the same as The Sex Pistols being asked to advertise butter (er, note to self – update dodgy simile database). So don’t pretend it has anything to do with punk.

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  1. I have to wait until May 1st!? This is ridiculous.
    Also, woots, because I actually know who Johnny Marr is!